Relaxing POV photography walk at Eagleby Wetlands south of Brisbane, Australia

Come along for a relaxed stroll at Eagleby Wetlands, south of Brisbane.

It was my first time visiting and while I’m no bird expert, I definitely managed to spot some fairy wrens, willie wagtails, golden whistler, Brahminy kite and a few ducks.

This was my first ever go at bird photography all by myself (usually I accompany my son, Vinnie, who is an absolute bird tragic). 😅

I have a lot of respect for bird photographers now. It’s hard work!

The results were mixed, but I did snap a couple of photos I was pretty happy with. I also met a friendly bird photographer couple. And it was just a nice way to spend a morning.


  • 📸 Sony a7iv with Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.5 G OSS lens
  • 📸 GoPro Hero 11

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